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Pushing the boundaries of Electronic Music.
Taking your brand to the next level.
Pioneering record labels and music services

What we are

Expression Audio is an Artist Collective and a Record Label. A one stop shop for all of your Electronic Music brand needs. We are Events Hosts. We provide professional Mixdowns & Masters. We are a Graphics Design & Brand Management Teaching Service. We are Photographers, Video Editors, Documentarians.
We are everything you, as a musician, and a listener needs.

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At Expression Audio we believe in giving artists the platform to make any music they wish to. From Drum n Bass and Dubstep to Experimental Bass and Ambient Techno, we don't limit our artists to a certain genre or vibe.

Our debut releases were started off with a deep psychedelic Dubstep tune from Cooper, out on 9th May 2020 and we've been growing our originals every week since.

We are everything you, as a musician, and a listener needs.

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Where we are

Being in the music business running online services has it's advantages, so we're able to take demos and cater to your needs, wherever you are in the world. You can though, of course, visit us in Bristol, UK.

We host our events currently at Basement 45 in Bristol, so you always know where to look for our live performances.

Our music goes out worldwide on all streaming sites such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more!

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what we can do for you


Our team of trained professionals have everything you need to progress your career as a musician. We provide Mixing & Mastering, Backing Track & Beats, Sample Packs, Logo Creation & Graphic Design, Website Creation & Maintenance and DJ Coaching.

We will take your music where it needs to be.

we want the best for all musicians

Why we do it

We believe in giving the best platform and opportunities to the whole Electronic Spectrum by providing an unrestricted Record Label and affordable, professional, and reliable services.

We don't believe in restricting genre or creativity, and we don't tie you to our label. You're free to grow and excel as an artist wherever and however is best for you.



Expression Audio host events for all vibes and genres, so there’s always something for everyone. Hosting their events primarily at Basement 45 in Bristol, you know where to go go find the finest DJs around.