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About Expression Audio

Expression Audio started as a collaboration of ideas from a few musicians in late 2019. We wanted a place where we could create any and all music they wanted to, without the restrictions of genre. A place where listeners can find the best of the whole Electronic Music spectrum. A place where they can showcase their projects with the help of professionals, not the restraints of a label.

So, we did it.

We set out to start a place where everything was welcome, and we began that path with our first event, celebrating the B2B Birthday Bash of our very own OTROM and Cooper at Basement 45 in Bristol. After seeing good success on the first event and impressing the owners with the turnout, we made the decision to make Basement 45 the home of the majority of Expression Audio events moving forward, so you always know where to find us!

Following this, we set out to get our talents out to the world. We set up the Expression Spotlight to showcase not only our own artists, but others as well, and to show everyone what we’re made of. Starting out, our very own Warg delivers a huge, heavy-hitting techy dnb set, so this is a project worth following! We are currently releasing one episode at the end of every month and they’re posted to our SoundCloud account.

3 more Spotlight sessions, a few Livestreams and one COVID-19 postponed event later, we arrive in May 2020.

The official launch of Expression Audio. Months and months of meticulous planning and research has led us to this, a product and service for musicians unmatched by our outstanding value for money and business ethics.

We’re not here to limit you.

We want YOU to succeed, and we’re going to give you the tools to do it.

Check out our Services to see what we can do for you, and get in touch.

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