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about a\d|d/l
"We've got something pretty special for you..." - NOISIA RADIO 06/05/2020
"...big distorted basses..."

A\D|D/L has been doing absolute bits at the moment, having already three NOISIA Radio features in a short space of time and two of them being consecutive shoutouts, we believe he's got something really special.

Coming down to perform at our debut event in Bristol, he put on a mean set to close out the main room and has also been featured in our Facebook livestream fest.

A\D|D/L is no stranger to horrific noises, rather he revels in them and will spend most of his time perfecting his craft in making the worst noises you've ever have bless your ears.

Check out his music below

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Artist's Pick

"I chose this one because Noisia Radio gave me an incredible shoutout at 53:20!"

 Well deserved, this guy is doing absolute bits at the moment

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