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about BD9K
"BD9K is all about the vibe. Doesn't matter what the vibe is, as long as there is one."
"Imagine the scenes if I did a collab with DJ Shadow"

From Torquay in Devon and having his interest in music piqued when he learnt to mix Hard Trance on his Dad's turntables, BD9K's music taste and knowledge spans far and wide. Starting off his original releases, BD9K has been stirring up a madness with his upcoming deep dubstep tune - Angler.

Spending his spare time paddle boarding, building, doing pull ups and walking his dog, BD9K moved from Torquay to Bristol to study Electronic Music Production and further deepen his sub basses.

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Artist's Pick

BD9K's debut release comes from waay down under. This deep dubstep tune is full of vibe to fill out a mix.

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