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about cooper
"Proud claimant to Expression Audio's debut record label release"
"A big fan of the deep and dark"

Cooper takes the lead in Neurofunk and deep Dubstep and has claim for Expression Audio's debut release, Dissociate. Cooper loves a bit of everything, having a side project called Sondaire for experiments. When asked for 3 artists that influence him he was not very happy whatsoever, and so instead sent me: “AKOV, Culprate, Ivy Lab, Kryptic Minds and Mindex”. With some very soon upcoming releases, a couple of mixes and a stage performance already checked off his career portfolio, Cooper is going to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for what he does next.

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Artist's Pick

This one has some awesome melodies, some insane basses and the vibe is spot on. Brilliant to double drop with other songs and is a real crowd pleaser.

AND Expression Audio's Debut release.

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