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about hosay
"Comes from Spain, now honing his skills as a producer at dBs Bristol, Hosay has some really interesting stuff in the works."
"Starts off big with his debut song being released with an AV element"

Hosay is a fiend for a little bit of everything. Listening to everything from Experimental Bass Music to Breakbeat, to Dubstep and all kinds of techno, this man truly loves it all. Having finished a year studying DJ & Electronic Music Production at dBs Bristol he’s now been accepted into a degree in Electronic Music Production to further perfect his sound. Taking huge influences from the likes of Mr Bill, Hosay has some exciting things lined up for us in the near future.

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Artist's Pick

Going all out for his first release with AV collab with Sergio Skidanov, an extremely talented individual.

A menacing song depicting an argument between demons.

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