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about itallik
Some fresh emerging talent coming from Itallik, at 18 having been featured on Bloc2Bloc Future Stars he's looking to take over the dnb scene
"had to watch a lot of porn to find the right sample for this"

Itallik is one to explore the darkest depths of every genre to make what he creates the most unique it can be. He hopes to implement characteristic and complex sounds in his music production and bring the hype and unforgettable moments into his DJ sets every single time.
Loving up the likes of Koan Sound, Lenzmen, Dexcell, LSB and Halogenix, Itallik focuses his efforts in drum n bass and liquid but dabbles in lots of other genres too.
Contributing his interest and fast progress in music to the fact his Dad was a keen jazz pianist, as well as his autism, as he says it's helped him pick up music as quickly as he has.

He says he'd love to collab with the likes of Lenzmen because he loves his use of sampling and his musical understanding of the chords he pairs in his creations. Tension, subtle tones, complex chord voicings and everything he does would make a a dream collab for Itallik. Having said this he would love the chance to jam with Koan Sound and Halogenix to pick their brains (who wouldn't).

Spends his spare time gaming and other nerdy bits, but most of what he does spirals back to being music based somehow.

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Cybersun is Itallik's debut EP, a free download EP released under Unified Audio. Cop yourself a copy now!

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