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about mina lord
A cinematic display of video, space and sound Mina records and designs everything herself.
"She creates music out of stimuli"

Mina Lord makes mainly experimental + industrial techno and breakbeat music. Released “Inferno” on Larmes Records Sept 2019. Before and after that “EPX001”, “Pray for me” EP, “Sodom” EP on The Twelve Prophets.
Featured on Whitek Podcast Series #40 January 2020, free.techno sessions on bakala radio 21.11.2020, DRLD invites The Twelve Prophets 23.07.2020, “The Twelve Prophets presents: Inferno” at cultuurpodium Perron 12/12/2019

Coming up: Live set for free.techno sessions tv (no date yet)

“The Twelve Prophets” is my own music and visual arts “collective”. We are experimenting with the combination of music, visuals and space to create new worlds and environments for the audience. We create concepts that take inspiration from other arts like for e.g. literature. For our first event “The Twelve Prophets presents: Inferno” I took inspiration from Dante Alighieri’s Devine comedy. We work with multiple stages and offers the audience multiple music genres and different atmospheres and moods to choose from throughout the night or an audiovisual project. Furthermore we arrange the event to dynamically change through the acts to give a sense of narrative and storyline. The whole location/ space is being transformed so new worlds and environments are created.For our podcast series that started in September 2020 we invite artists from all over the world from all different genres with the goal to create a connection between the different styles of music as we believe they can all together work to tell stories and shouldn’t be strictly separated from each other. In my own work I focus on the combination of music and visuals to form one union rather than one supporting the other. I am looking for possibilities of letting audio and visuals fuel and influence each other right in the making process. I study audiovisual design and am currently working with VR in order to increase the possibilities of immersion and interaction with my audiovisual works. I guess my work can be considered trans-human. My research focuses on synesthesia and cybernetics. I am hoping to develop ways in which the artists will be able to interact with their music in a organic way that lets you use your body as production tool together with modern technologies - so you can feel and see your music as you make it. where you're fromI am from Berlin, Germany but am currently studying in Rotterdam, NL.

I’ve been playing drums since I was 8 years old, but mostly only as a hobby. Then 2014 I went to England to do my A-levels in Theatre, Dance and Music. After the first year I switched to the BTEC extended diploma in music. I was in a punk band called "Hacienda" and a djent/progessive rock band "Excuse The Mess". during my time in england i first started to realise that all the arts are linked for me. I started to get an increased interest in not only performing drums but also composition. When i returned to Germany in 2016 I first tried to apply for a bachelor in jazz drums and one in classical composition. I didn't get accepted and also was unable to find a new band. Therefore I turned to electronic music, where I could be not only drummer and not only focus on one genre but really let all my influences come together and be independent from other people.

I would love to collaborate with Björk - I wasn’t aware how much she actually influenced my for a long time. I rediscovered her around 6 years ago and was blown away by how much her works reflect my understanding of audiovisual arts. She creates completely new stories, characters and worlds with her projects and is always experimenting with new Workflows, ways of producing and sound creation. So what she creates are whole experiences not only for the audience but also for herself as a maker.

I make a lot of visual work of course but that obviously is for music as well. I sew and design a lot of costumes for fun. but that is also for the music projects. And I obviously have my field recorder for making samples so I spend a lot of time running around making recordings, that’s kind of a hobby.

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A recent release from Mina, this one has a noise and a techno remix to go alongside the experimental original, expertly showcasing what she is really capable of. The variations of this number encapsulate the dark and truly explorative nature of Mina's music, and what we hear in her recent Expression Audio EP: Der Golem.

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