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about otrom
"I'd give my left nut for the chance to work with Ekcle"
"...a truly fascinating project."

OTROM likes a bit of everything. Mainly focusing on experimental bass music but still loving his dubstep, halftime & drum n bass, OTROM really found his calling in music after he had moved to Bristol having worked in sales and marketing since leaving A Level study. Now studying with a few of the Expression Audio crew at dBs in Bristol, OTROM has really started to take shape into a truly fascinating project. OTROM takes influences from everywhere, but finds a lot of his ideas come from listening to the likes of Ekcle, Max Cooper and Tipper to give him a really unique range of sounds.

His debut single, "Dial Out" was meant to be part of a 4 song EP, but as each song progressed they drifted further and further from being a cohesive EP. Now we have 3 of those out as singles, and we're eagerly awaiting more.

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Artist's Pick

"This one is a really good indicator of the kind of music I'd like to be producing moving forwards. I love disgusting bass noises as much as the next guy, so if I can incorporate those sounds with the ambience I have here, I'll be exactly where I want to be.

This one is a nice one to showcase the kind of things I've been working on with my music theory, composition and mixdowns. Hope you enjoy!"

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