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about sluj
"After a few years of experimenting with ambient music under influXed, Sluj is a new project to explore breaks and bass with."
"Looking to diversify into a more organic and progressive sound"

Having 3 roller dnb releases under Oscity Music, Sluj started out making music under an ambient alias, influXed. Wanting to explore breaks and bass, Sluj was born in 2017.

With his main influences being Lorn and Blocks and Escher and wanting to collaborate with Scar, Onemind or any of the Metalheadz crew, Sluj has starting making his mark already and plans on continuing with his upcoming self-titled EP coming out on Expression Audio this summer.

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Artist's Pick

His debut EP and a really special one. Taking influences from lots of different artists and places, this 4 song drum n bass EP is nothing like you've heard before.

A true testament to this guy's talent, this self titled EP is absolutely not one to be leaving out of your playlists.

Buy here: https://www.beatport.com/release/sluj/3135423
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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/expressionaudio/sets/sluj

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