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OUR releases
Expression Audio Originals
DubLion - Long Distance
DubLion debuts his Expression Audio releases with this gorgeous liquid drum n bass track. Really bringing the summer vibes, this one is a must have for all your playlists
Kronix - Coagulate
Kronix hits with another huge one! Definitely feel the deep old school Dubstep vibe in this one
Dublink - Astral Jungle
Dublink comes in hot with this insane heater EP - Astral Jungle! 2 tracks of equal weight, this is an EP meant to do damage on the dancefloor
Mina Lord
Mina Lord - Der Golem
An experimental techno EP created by manipulating eDrums, this 3 track release is not one to sleep on.
OUR Originals

Born in Bristol, UK we've started off our releases with a deep Dubstep track. Releasing anything electronic and encouraging our artists to experiment, we've got some tantalisingly tasty music.