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The Record Label

Pushing boundaries without restrictions. Supporting creativity and promoting originality.

We're taking demos!

We don't like to restrict our artists on what genre they make. We're all about producing good quality, original music.
If you're an electronic music producer and you think you have a unique sound, get in touch and send us some of your music and if we like what we hear, we'll be in touch within a couple of days!

Send us your music!


A\D|D/L absolutely loves distortion and all things abhorrent. Brace yourself.

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Get on a VIBE with BD9K. Expect groovy beats and funky basslines all the way.

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Cooper loves his wobbles. Deep, dark and subby is what he does best.

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Hosay is one known for his gritty basses and abstract use of them. Truly unique stuff from him.

Read More About hosAY


INVASION is a monster for grimy basses and an absolute demon at constructing them to melt you.

Read More About INVASION


Kronix is a fan of the deep and dark. Focusing his talents on the deep, oldschool dubstep, this guy has already been killing it and is looking to do more damage.

Read More About KRONIX


OTROM loves glitches and hard basses. Combining orchestral elements with bass and synths, expect ambience, atmosphere and pumping basses.

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Grub Plate loves a bit of everything, and pushing boundaries to their limits. Huge drums, beefy basses and big experimental tunes all round.

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Sluj has been slaughtering the drum n bass scene with is fierce drums and huge screaming basses, absolutely not one to be slept on.